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Reframe your Thoughts - Change your Life.

Reframe your Thoughts - Change your Life.

Reframe your Thoughts - Change your Life.

There's a lot of talk about Thinking your way to Success. Or as they say In the Industry MINDSET. Hmmm, Interesting I hear you say, tell you more shall I? Oh go on then..........

Today we’re going to evaluate how you talk to yourself. When your thoughts aren't supportive to where you want to be they halt your progress and therefore your chances of success!! (uh oh, not pretty!).

Commonly termed "The Monkey Mind" Most of us are our own worst enemy – especially as women. We say things that we’d never dream of saying to anyone else. I know, I know not everyones mind is as clean as a stepford wife's home (trust me I'm sure their closet isn't so very clean if you took a real look inside hey!!) 😂

Seriously you wouldn't believe how much "stinkin' Thinkin'" I've personally had to overcome myself. Even worse I always thought I was a positive person. Apparently not to my inner self though. Trust me that's a heavy pill to swallow when you realise you've been the block to your success all this time. (Seriously like yuck, I'm divorcing those thoughts right now!). Apparently Inner Linz had a vendetta against outer Linz becoming too successful. What a judgmental Inner self she was! 

Course Junkie to Action Taker

So along came some simple exercises (taken from my new course "Course Junkie to Action Taker" ), where we can make a start on

A. finding out what's going on upstairs and

B. work out how to reframe them. Apparently sending them out with the trash/Bins Isn't always a viable option. Hmmm, shame that one hey! 

Let me show you how it goes ........

As you can see the first step is to get real with the junk you've been feeding yourself! Because frankly that's all that it is!!!

Then you change that thought into one that is "re-framed", AKA it's made to look a lot better. Kind of like something that Stepford wife might put on display, but possibly with a tad more credibility! Well that thought has to be believable right? I explain it more in the video that goes along with the course which is currently available to you by clicking here

Course Junkie to Action Taker sign up page

Clean it up Buttercup

Then you frame those beauties as a reminder to all those awesome new supportive thoughts you now have! woohoo, who'd have thought you we're so awesome hey! Amazing!

Reframe Statements

Where shall we hang these beauties? above the fireplace? 

Till next time, Keep up the good work and Implement this. Let me know how you get on!!!

Oh and do sign up to get the course while its still available.......

Course Junkie to Action Taker Course

(Just Incase I haven't told you already!!)

with Love