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My very own Mini-Preneur

My very own Mini-Preneur

My very own Mini-Preneur

I wanted to share with you how I unwittingly Inspired someone to lay the foundations of becoming an entrepreneur.

My very own Mini-Preneur!!

My 8 year old son, Jayden. 

You'll be surprised how what we do talk about and take action on in our lives will Inspire others!!! 

Yes it's true, as whitney once said

"I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way!"

Okay so maybe I wont be handing over control of the business to him quite yet 🙈, (lordy help me! I've created a monster!), but it's surprising what these little minds pick up on their travels!


Speaking of Travels here's a picture of me with my youngest "Entree-prenuer" when we were In Mallorca In June for The Divine Living Academy Live Event.

He came along for the ride with my Super Hubby Ian and his elder brother Joshie and we stayed for 2 weeks. Not too shabby hey!

My very own Mini-Preneur

So with any good Idea we let him start small and get some practice in to build on his newfound Entrepreneurial mindset.

He has his own You tube channel that he set up all by himself for him to practice on, (With over 1000 total views!), and he does dishes for COLD HARD CASH!! 😂

He said to me yesterday how many subscribers/views he had to have before he could start merchandising!!

I'm like whoa boy! A little while yet!!! 🙈 You are 8 years old right? 

(as I Imagine being buried by a giant stockpile of you-tuber merchandise and me having to do it all!).

Fun and Games

So like any good business coach mummy would do I started to build him a brand ready for when he wanted to start on his "Proper YouTube channel".

Yes he's 8 years old and I've bought him not one but two domain names ready for when he wants them. 

One being his full name, and the other being his brand 

It's so funny seeing him get all excited about it. 

Like I said before, it's amazing who you will Inspire. It's not always who you think it'll be...........

Fun and Games

Till next time, keep on Inspiring people!!! 

With Lots of Love