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It all starts with Love.

I Love My Lifestyle

The premise of my business is all around one word.


Why? I hear you say....

Okay so let's start with something, I started this business with something in me, Love. A real enthusiasm for what I wanted to spread in the world. I Felt like there was a big need for women to have more support in their Lives, and their businesses. After all, as a lifelong Online Entrepreneur, I'd felt alone in my endeavours for the longest of times. 

I commissioned my first website over 10 years ago, (totally feeling old writing that!), feeling my way blindly in the dark with only the guidance of the web designer, and my hubby! Had I known that something like I Love my Lifestyle existed It would have helped me enormously back then to find a community where women can come to for support when they're building their business, (Read that as pushing water uphill in the dark with nothing but a sieve to carry the water!!).

So out of that Initial seed years ago I have grown to Love the online world and the opportunity it offers women, mums in particular, like myself. Had I not had that opportunity, to set up online, (particularly as a mother to a special needs child), years ago I wouldn't have been able to work at all. (Trust me special needs parenting and all that the early years threw at me would not allow for a traditional 9-5!). 

Not until recently did I find the support that I needed to go to the next level. This is where I come back to LOVE.....

I'm here to Invite you to join my I Love My Lifestyle Facebook group for women entrepreneurs who need support in their endeavours, online, In life the whole caboodle!!! 

Come join the party here and do say hi👋🏻 I absolutely don't bite at all!!

With Lots of Love