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Do you find yourself scrolling the Facebook Feed, falling down many a rabbit hole then landing on other peoples websites and feeling envious of what they've created and achieved?

Why are they so successful and how do they have it sooo together? (Seriously is this some sort of magic?) ๐Ÿงชโœจ

You long to show up as the Successful Girl Boss you know you are deep Inside, but you don't know where to begin building this Business. Is there a special map or GPS somewhere for this? Oh and speaking of GPS how do you position yourself as the expert you'd love to be seen as. Ugh, It feels like the chicken and the egg and you feel like an Imposter!! But you're not an expert, right?

So much of your time and money has been spent on Self Development, Courses, Books (and thats not even mentioning the gazillion and one opt-ins in your email Inbox), to develop you and your Business. Now you're left guilty, wondering why the **** you haven't started yet?! ........ Why is that? What the **** is wrong with you? Seriously, why aren't you taking action already?

You've more Ideas than you've had hot meals and frankly you feel positively gluttonous now with your overconsumption of learning!

Confidence over what you have to Offer goes through more highs and lows than a mixed sex choir!! (Hello there high as a soprano days, where are you when I need you?)

Heck you feel about as unique as an Identical quadruplet!

Good Lordy, you want to stand out!

I absolutely know how this feels, because I've been there too! That's why I created The Course Junkie to Action Taker 5 Day Course!

(I know the Irony's not lost on me either! One more Course won't kill you will it!?)

Plus it'll help you to take Action IF and only IF you do the work....

It's absolutely time to come out of hiding because the world needs what you have to offer. It's time you started to make real progress on your Dream and reveal the treasures you've been hiding. Lets start putting them together to create your Special sauce!

Here's whats inside the course....

Find your signature special sauce and package up your expertise in 5 days so you can sell like hotcakes!! 

Day 1 - So Whats stopping you?

Recognising what's stopping you from moving forward.

Day 2 - Is that True?

Separating truth from fiction and reframing your new path to Success.

Day 3 - Finding your Special Sauce

Discovering the real you and unearthing what makes you Unique

Day 4 - Packaging up your Uniqueness

Design an Offering that magnetically attracts your Ideal Client

Day 5 -Takw Action on your Ideas

Lay down your Ideas and make progress with your plan of Action

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