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Building a successful business isn't luck. It's designed

Get 100+ Ideas to help you Design your Listbuilding Leadmagnet.

100 Email List Ideas

Get clarity on the foundation to your offers with this

Attract right fit people, eliminate time wasters and freebie seekers

Spark more Ideas Than a firework and Create Momentum In your Business

Plus a Special Offer that works wonders

100 Email List Ideas

Your Email List Builder should do one simple thing. Attract YOUR people to sign up to hear from you!

You KNOW that the money you make is based on how good your email list is.

It's as simple as the title of this Freebie says! Why overcomplicate stuff! No Fluff or filler, or wasting your frankly precious time.

This is a workbook and Video Class with 100 Ideas for an effective Lead Magnet. This will trigger Inspiration to design a fantastic freebie that converts strangers into raving fans!


Create your Stand-Out Online Business

Create your Online Business and Design the life you dream of.

STAND OUT, Define and Design your unique Personal Brand, add your Irresistible Special Sauce and attract clients and customers on demand.

I Love My Lifestyle Is the place to be for coaching, courses and support for women who are ready to create their own dream Lifestyle and business.

If you're a woman with MASSIVE dreams of creating your very own, "Something Big," but needs some support to make it happen, then you are most definitely in the right place!  Welcome! 🖐🏻

Hi I'm Lindsey

The Business Design Coach, Creative Mum-preneur and Self-development and "Course Junkie".

I help Creative Entrepreneurs like you design and create the business and life of your dreams and help you to STAND OUT by finding your own unique "Special Sauce." We work together and use this to design, brand and launch your business empire online, setting you up for the SUCCESS you know you're made for.

I'm the Founder of I Love My Lifestyle. A Business where I work coaching Femme-preneurs just like you. Together we go after those big dreams by building a business with a strong personal brand that connects with your ideal client magnetically. My mission is to support you in getting clear on what makes you unique, help you set up, design and refine your amazing business, website, funnels 'n all', so it makes you stand out online, attract more clients and get the phenomenal success you’ve always wanted in your business and your life…

Leads to Success - Lead Magnets Made In Minutes

Create a Freebie to showcase you and your offerings! With this collection of quick editable templates YOU can create a freebie that helps your customers to get to know, like and trust you.

Learn more about this template pack and masterclass and save hours of faffing! Get that thing done and out there........

***Warning. Possible side effect of success!

Personal Branding Photography Clients

📷 Click Through to see Portfolio 📸

Personal Branding Photography Clients 📷 Click Through to see Portfolio 📸

Anita Smith

Sophie Charlotte

Vickie Gould

Lynn Hudorovich

Maxine Mwaneri

The Blog.......... Essential reading for the woman on a mission to re-design her life. Catch the latest blog entries here 👇🏻👇🏻

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It all starts with Love.
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Come join us and start building your Dream Business and Life .........

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